Britain’s sickest criminals locked up in 2022 from sick murderers to coke bust

Britain's most vile and sick criminals found themselves behind bars last year, with 2022 filled with shocking murders, twisted killings and a hefty drugs busts.

A "sadistic" lab murderer and a pub knifing over a confused affair were also part of the littered list of sick crimes committed throughout 2022 in the UK.

The country has been shocked by a number of notably reprehensible crimes over the past 12 months, from sicko hypnotherapists convincing women to undress to a sperm donor hiding a life-changing condition.

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Last year also marked historic case closures, including a farmer who killed his wife and left her rotting body in a septic tank for decades.

Jordan McSweeney

Those haunting crimes included Jordan McSweeney, the evil killer who made a mother fear for her daughter's life.

Mum Nicola West had feared her daughter, Samantha Bryan, would "end up in a morgue" after it was revealed McSweeney had murdered law graduate Zara Aleena.

Killer McSweeney had admitted to murdering Zara as she walked home from a night out on June 26.

Samantha, the ex-girlfriend of Sweeney, had seen her mother worry for her life after Nicola West admitted she did not think the sick killer, who was jailed for 38 years for a "brutal sexually motivated murder" was not "wired right".

Andrew Burfield

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Sicko axe killer Andrew Burfield hacked Katie Kenyon, 33, to death with an axe before trying to convince her family she was still alive.

The 51-year-old murderer, who was sentenced to 32 years in prison, had taken the phone of his victim and attempted to convince her children that the mum was unharmed.

Those same texts were instrumental in finding Burfield guilty, with Kenyon's sister, Jenny, texting the 51-year-old killer and telling him he needed to come forward and "start telling some truth now."

David Venables

Historic cases were also laid to rest in 2022, with David Venables, 89, found guilty in the murder of his wife 40-years-ago.

The disturbing pensioner had murdered his wife, Brenda, in 1982 in a bid to run off with his secret lover.

Before the 89-year-old had ran off with his affair, he dumped Brenda's body in a septic tank and subsequently attempted to blame the murder on that of Fred West.

Brenda's remains were undisturbed for 37 years before they were discovered in 2019 in a septic tank beneath Quaking House Farm, Worcestershire, by new owners of the property.

Ross McCullam

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Grim sex attacks also made the news in 2022, with murderer Ross McCullam, 30, convicted of murdering his colleague in August 2021.

McCullam, who had admitted to manslaughter and cited a "blind rage" as his reason for strangling and slitting the throat of Megan Newborough, 23, a lab worker.

The 30-year-old was unanimously convicted in just over an hour and a half by a jury, with a judge noting that McCallum had been "humiliated" and attacked Newborough after his "penis didn't work."

Mark Brown

Another disgusting sex attack saw vile criminal Mark Brown found guilty of murdering two women, with one body found in a shipping container.

Evil builder Brown, 41, had murdered escort duo Leah Ware and Alexandra Morgan before burning Alexandra's remains in a homemade incinerator.

The remains were so badly burned that Alexandra, who was said to have been paid £3,000 to pose in lingerie while tied up in the boot of Brown's car, had to be identified through the teeth found at the sicko's property.

David Fury-Walsh

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Vile attacks continued throughout the year, with one bloke coercing at least three women into a series of disgusting rapes and demonstrable acts by claiming to be a relative of Tyson Fury.

Rapist David Fury-Walsh was found guilty of 25 separate charges including 13 counts of rape, four counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual touching.

One of the gruesome charges showed that the 31-year-old had forced a victim to eat her own faeces.

Ian Roper

Another coercive monster from last year was Ian Roper, a hypnotist who was sentenced to 29 months in prison after placing a woman under a "spell" and sexually assaulting her.

The demon hypnotist had "commanded" his victim to undress herself while she was under a state of hypnosis, with the 58-year-old pleading guilty to sexually assaulting his victim.

Police also found five indecent images of children, including one prohibited image of a child, on the vile criminal's laptop.

James MacDougall

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A sperm donor was also found guilty of hiding a gene condition that would render his children with a potentially low IQ and developmental delay.

James MacDougall, 37, had offered up his sperm in a series of private donations, fathering 15 children before the genetic syndrome was discovered.

The children fathered by MacDougall, who was slapped with a restraining order by a couple he had donated sperm to, are said to be between the ages of five months and three years old.

Jessica Waldron

Drugs-related incidents were frequent last year but the most notable of the bunch was a set of smiling smugglers who were busted with £2million worth of cocaine.

Jessica Waldron and Michael Williams had attempted to smuggle the stash of drugs from Colombia to London, but Bogota officials were wise to their plan and had swapped out the drugs before their flight.

Michael Williams

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Waldron, 36, and Williams, 37, did not know their 22kg bag of cocaine had been switched out until they were rumbled in Heathrow airport, where officers were waiting for them.

The pair have since been jailed for six years and eight months after they were found to have tried to smuggle a total of £1.75million street-valued cocaine.

Luisa Santos

Crimes of so-called passion were also on the cards, with a pub landlady sentenced to ten years in prison for attempting to murder an 18-year-old staff member who she believed was having an affair with her husband.

Luisa Santos, 47, believed that Hannah Pritchett, 18, was having an affair with her husband, Pedro.

Due to that belief, and thinking the 18-year-old had been "laughing" at her, Santos lunged at the youngster with a fish knife, stabbing her twice.

Santos is now behind bars after her sick crime, which was deemed "entirely unprovoked" by investigating officer Detective Constbale Gareth Morgan at the time.


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