'Britain's worst prison' is transformed by governor who added flowers

‘Britain’s worst prison’ is transformed by female governor who added flowers to the grounds and started a park run for inmates

  • Pia Sinha was made the governor of HMP Liverpool after a damning 2017 report
  • The prison was a mess and inmates and staff were left feeling ‘hopeless’
  • Has now introduced a football pitch which is also used for runs by the prisoners 

One of the UK’s worst prisons has been transformed by a female governor who claimed inmates and staff had felt ‘hopeless and beaten down’.

Pia Sinha introduced floral displays, a football pitch and even a park run to HMP Liverpool, after the prison was condemned by inspectors.

In 2017 living conditions at the prison were poor for most inmates and pictures from inside the prison revealed squalor and filth.

Walls had been left covered in obscene graffiti, bricks were missing from the walls and rubbish was seen strewn outside cell blocks.

After its inspection in September 2017 violence was also recorded to have been increasing, and drugs had been readily available to inmates.

Pia Sinha(pictured above)  introduced floral displays, a football pitch and even a park run to HMP Liverpool, after the prison was condemned by inspectors

A report in 2017 showed HMP Liverpool (above) was in a bad state and needed to be improved

Speaking to the Telegraph, Ms Sinha, who was bought in after the previous governor was removed, said refurbishments provided a better environment for inmates.

‘You can have all the investment in the world but if you don’t have a staff group, culture and work ethic that is all about improvement and hope, then no money can buy that.

‘The culture has moved from one where people felt hopeless and beaten down to a staff and leadership group where you feel proud of the people, people want to succeed and are keen to drive solutions.’

After she first arrived at the prison her first task was to reduce inmates by up to 700. 

As well as this she installed a state-of-the-art football pitch which doubles up as an area where inmates can run.

The gardens on the site have also been landscaped, and windows have now been repaired in order to prevent drones delivering drugs to inmates.

Ms Sinha had previously worked at HMP Risley in Warrington, where she had also served as a governor.

She has worked in the prison service for over 20 years.

Ms Sinha has since been praised by the chief inspector of prisons, Peter Clarke, who said the rise in standards was a ‘remarkable achievement’, but still said that more needed to be done.

Last year she said pride was being put back into the prison and added that the ‘jail had been neglected’ previously.

She added: ‘For our residents, in making their rooms clean and fit for purpose the message they are receiving is someone cares what happens to me, and if someone cares about what happens to me then I will care about what happens to me.

‘You send that message to people that they are worth it.’

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