British ‘gypsy’ tourists say their name has been ‘trashed’

They created a one-family crime wave in New Zealand – but now British ‘gypsy’ tourists say their name has been ‘trashed’ and they ‘went to hell when they got off the plane’

  • Relative back in England said his family were all law-abiding citizens
  • The Doran family were last seen fleeing from media at Auckland airport, NZ  
  • Family say they are being ‘tortured’ and insist they’ve done nothing wrong 
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Relatives of the British travellers wreaking havoc across New Zealand say the family’s name has been unfairly ‘trashed’.  

A brother of Larry Doran, the oldest member of the group that has been touring New Zealand, said his family adhered to the law and claimed their reputation had been ‘dragged through the mud’ by locals.  

Speaking from a caravan site in the East Midlands, UK, Larry Doran’s brother – who asked not to be named – said: ‘They are very nice working-class people and their name’s been trashed and there were only eight or nine of them not dozens as people are making out.’

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A close family member of the ‘unruly’ British travellers (pictured) wreaking havoc across New Zealand said their names have been unfairly ‘trashed 

The brother to the oldest member of the Doran family defended his relatives following their well-documented tour of New Zealand 

Speaking to The Times, he added: ‘They are feeling awful, they feel unsafe. Every time they go to the shops someone takes a picture of them.’  

The brother went on to say the Doran family name had been ‘dragged through the mud’. 

‘They are law abiding and go to church, we all do,’ he told the publication.

His son – who also asked not to be named – said the entire incident had been humiliating for the family and claimed the Dorans had been targeted because they are travellers. 

The British ‘gypsy’ tourists were last seen fleeing from media at Auckland’s International Airport.

The controversial clan had luggage in hand and were expected to board an international flight on Tuesday afternoon.

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    Gypsy travellers terrorising New Zealand leave hotel room…

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Their roughed-up Honda Odyssey was seen carrying four members of the family in the vehicle bay outside the international terminal, but quickly took off when approached by media.

The car was later seen parked on Shortland St in Auckland’s inner-city, with a parking ticket displayed on the car’s windshield.

The street has a five-minute limit.

Earlier, the controversial family, who have been accused of trashing motel rooms, leaving rubbish on the beach and swearing at locals, stopped at a BP service station about two hours north of Wellington on Monday. 

Staff member Linus Merchant told Daily Mail Australia he believes he foiled the family’s plot to ‘bamboozle’ him and leave the store with a free can of Red Bull.   

CCTV obtained by Daily Mail Australia showed the unruly British family arriving at a BP service station north of Wellington on Monday

Family spokesman Joe Doran appears to have bleached his hair in the past fortnight. On left, he is seen after a commotion at Takapuna Beach, near Auckland; right, on Monday

Linus said when he encountered the family, they appeared to be heading towards Auckland, and were looking for a fast food restaurant. 

CCTV footage showed family spokesman, Joe Doran, clambering out of the family’s green Honda Odyssey about 2.30pm, wearing just a pair of blue board shorts. 

He appeared to have bleached his hair in recent days as media attention on the clan’s activities ramped up. 

Mr Doran was joined by his mother, the clan matriarch, Barbara Doran; his wife, Miley and the family’s patriarch, who has not been named.   

‘They came in the shop as a crowd, drifted in and out,’ Mr Merchant said. 

The family members approached the counter swearing at each other and clutching three cans of the energy drink in their hands, he alleged. 

Barbara was heard telling Joe and Miley: ‘What, do you think I’m made of f***ing money?’ 

The group paid for the three cans. 

Barbara Doran (above) is matriarch of the family of British travellers accused of running amok in New Zealand while on holiday from the caravan park where they live in the East Midlands

Clan matriarch Barbara Doran is seen carrying a can of Red Bull out of the service station

But after Miley walked away with her can, Barbara and Joe claimed they had only ever brought two cans to the counter. 

‘They paid for three Red Bulls (and) told me: ‘We got three’. 

‘I asked: ‘Where’s the other – you walked off with it, it’s wherever you put it’.

‘(I think) they were expecting me to say they could take another one from the fridge.

‘They had tried to distract me, but I recognised them as soon as they showed up and watched them carefully.’

Linus said he believed the group were trying to play a ‘classic divert and confuse con’. 

The service station where the British travellers were encountered earlier this week

The service station attendant believes the family were trying to bamboozle him out of an extra can of Red Bull 

‘I think they realised I knew who they were and wasn’t going to play their games, so they left quickly,’ said BP worker Linus Merchant

Joe Doran (left), his wife Miley (middle), his father – whose name unknown – and clan matriarch Barbara Doran (right) were caught on video 

The family were looking for a fast food restaurant after grabbing their energy drink cans

Pictured for the first time is the patriarch of the clan, who has not given his name

In a bizarre coincidence, he said the power went out at the service station the second they walked in.

‘It was a brief encounter,’ he said. 

‘I think they realised I knew who they were and wasn’t going to play their games, so they left quickly.’ 

The family, thought to number about 15, has made headlines around the world for their alleged behaviour on holiday.  

In the past fortnight the family’s alleged antics have caught the attention of the world’s media and the clan sought refuge in mountains north of Wellington.  

Original sin: This mess left behind at Takapuna Beach near Auckland sparked a social media firestorm. Family spokesman Joe Doran, on right, was there

Joe is married to Miley Doran and pictures of their wedding on Facebook from November 2017 show the couple dancing with relatives. Miley is with the family in New Zealand

Miley and Joe (pictured) have been together for several years. They have moved around and lived at caravan parks in the East Midlands where neighbours say they are a good family

But their every move has been closely tracked by a keen group of online vigilantes. 

On Sunday, Daily Mail Australia discovered the clan left their rooms in a small hotel in Levin in complete disarray. 

Pictures sighted by the publication showed spaghetti and Red Bull cans strewn around the room. Meantime, staff said the smell of ‘kid’s poo’ permeated the space.  

Four members of the family were issued with deportation notices early last week after causing a commotion at Burger King. 

But the family have some 28 days to file an appeal.  


Matriarch Barbara Doran says the family are ‘very frightened, honestly’


The matriarch of the unruly clan being hunted by outraged Facebook vigilantes is grandmother Barbara Doran, 55.  

Mrs Doran has told Daily Mail Australia that she is too scared to sleep at night. 

The family feel they are being ‘tortured’ by the public and insist they have done nothing wrong. 

‘I’m very, very frightened, honestly,’ Mrs Doran said.


Family spokesman Joe Doran

Her son, Joe Doran, has become the family’s number one spokesman, sparring with media at different sites across the country.  

Social media vigilantes tracking the family across New Zealand have dubbed Mr Doran ‘Honest John’. 

That’s because he has repeatedly given his name to reporters as ‘John Johnson’. 


Joe’s wife is Miley Doran and pictures on Facebook show the couple dancing happily at their wedding in 2017.


Tina Marie Cash faced a New Zealand court last week and pleaded guilty to theft charges relating to a stolen Red Bull, rope and sunglasses.


The family has lived in various caravan parks around the East Midlands in the UK. 

Neighbours who say the family lived on the Washingborough Road caravan site in Lincoln say Joe Doran left the area two years ago ‘to escape trouble’.

He is believed to have then moved to a second site in Bitteswell, Leicestershire, where he lived for a brief period.

A neighbour, who knows the family, told MailOnline: ‘We are family and we stick together. 

‘Everything that’s been said about them in New Zealand isn’t true. They are a good family.’ 

One member of the family has bizarrely claimed they are related to Britain’s 10th richest man. 

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