Brits want model ‘thrown in tower’ for flaunting bum in front of Windsor Castle

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    Brits have demanded an adult star be chucked into the tower of Windsor Castle after she posed in a tiny bikini outside the historic building.

    Isabelle Berry, 33, from Eton, Berkshire, was undeterred as she posed suggestively on the lawn as stunned tourists walked past the jaw-dropping sight.

    She also bent over on a nearby bench in her skimpy thong. Fortunately, the King and Camilla didn't get an eyeful as they are not at the official residence, but in Norfolk.

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    Isabelle got handed a dressing gown and a dressing down by police, who told her she could be arrested if she performs similar antics again.

    "They gave me a telling off," the content creator told The Sun.

    "They said I wasn't allowed on the grass and I had to cover up otherwise they could arrest me, maybe for indecent exposure because it was a thong.

    "They were very serious at the beginning and said, ''Don't do anything silly like this again because you could get arrested''.

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    "But at the end of it they were laughing.

    "They said it wasn't appropriate so I got dressed as I didn't want to be arrested and then I drove off."

    But despite some locals reportedly flooding over from a local Wetherspoons, some others weren't happy about the performance.

    One person who lives in the area told The Sun: "In medieval times she'd have been locked up in that tower for the way she was behaving."

    Playboy model Isabelle told MailOnline: "I don't think the royals would be best pleased but I'm not hurting anyone, it's all just for a bit of fun."

    She added: "My fans love when I do something different like this, this is why I'm a top creator."

    Isabelle said she'll soon sit down for a brain storm to think of the next spot she'll pose at.

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