Brockville, Ont., police officer seen punching woman in face during arrest: video

Warning: This story contains content that may be disturbing to some. Discretion is advised.

Brockville, Ont., police say they are currently investigating an incident caught on video, showing one of their police officers seemingly using excessive force while arresting a woman earlier this week.

Global News was sent the video Wednesday evening, taken in Brockville, a small city about an hour north of Kingston, Ont., which shows a local police officer struggling to arrest a woman.

According to Brockville police communications officer Andrew Harvie, the incident captured in the video was a local police officer’s arrest of a 33-year-old woman for breaching her bail conditions.

Global News has confirmed the woman’s name is Melissa Ross.

She was originally charged in November 2019 for possession of a substance and theft under $5,000, Harvie said.

The video shows Ross on her back screaming while the officer struggles to arrest her.

“Stop,” she screams as they struggle on the ground, “I’m trying to stand up to do this.”

At one point, the officer is seen pulling his hand back and then punching her in the face, yelling “don’t hit me.”

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