Bullfighting matador filmed repeatedly stabbing stricken bull in the head

A matador was filmed repeatedly stabbing a stricken bull in the head as it thrashes around on the ground.

Animal rights charity PETA has released footage of the bullfighter taunting the animal around the ring before further attacking it.

The brightly-dressed bullfighter holds the animal by one of its horns and jams a knife repeatedly into its head.

The upsetting video comes after the organisation launched a  petition  calling for a ban on the sport, which is still considered an ‘entertaining’ tradition in some parts of Spain.

A statement on the organisation’s website describes how thousands of bulls experience ‘slow and painful’ deaths in bullrings, as ‘men on horseback and on foot drive lances and barbed sticks into bulls’ backs before the tormented animals are stabbed with a sword or dagger.’


The activists also discuss the famous annual Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona, where ‘terrified bulls are shocked with electric prods’ as they are forced out on to the streets.

The statement says: "The panicked animals often slip and crash into walls, resulting in broken bones and other injuries. Later, these same bulls will be barbarically killed in the bullring – a fact many tourists are unaware of.

"Compassionate people understand that this violence is needless and unjustifiable, and opposition to bullfighting is growing both within Spain and around the world."

PETA have also wrote a letter to Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, asking him to ‘listen to the voices of people in Spain and across the world’ and outlaw bullfighting.

They point out over 100 towns have already banned bullfighting and cite an Ipsos MORI poll, which found over 80% of Spanish people oppose the cruel event.

The organisation add: "It’s time for the Spanish government to step up and protect animals. Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister calling for a national ban on bullfights and bull runs."

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