Bungling Pizza Hut burglar tries to wash away his blood with Pepsi

Bungling Pizza Hut burglar returns to the scene after realising he has cut himself and tries to wash away the trail of blood by pouring PEPSI on the floor

  • William Trotter, 37, was caught by police after he left blood stains at the scene
  • After grabbing the till at a Pizza Hut in Sunderland, he tries to clean up the mess
  • When scrubbing the floor doesn’t work, Trotter pours Pepsi on his blood
  • At Newcastle Crown Court he was jailed for four years and one month
  • Trotter was convicted of four burglary offences and one assault at the court 
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A burglar who was caught on camera trying to wash away his blood with PEPSI has been jailed for four years and one month.

William Trotter, 37, stole £100 from the Pizza Hut on St Luke’s Terrace, Sunderland, in the early hours of December 17 last year. 

But, after realising he had cut himself and left a pool of blood on the floor, he returned to clean up the mess.

After desperately attempting to mop up the blood, Trotter, of East Vines, Sunderland, opened a bottle of Pepsi and poured it over the floor in the hope of covering his tracks.

William Trotter, 37, stole £100 from a Pizza Hut in Sunderland after smashing his way into the shop and grabbing the till

But Trotter, wearing a hoodie and on a bike, has to return just a minute after making his escape when he realises he has bled all over the shop

In a shocking video he smashes the shop’s lower window, rushes in, grabs the till containing £100, and rushes back out.

But a minute later Trotter, wearing a hoodie and riding a bike, cycles back to clean up the mess after realising he’s cut himself.

When scrubbing the floor doesn’t work, he empties a Pepsi can over it before running off.

However, his DNA was extracted from blood traces left on sauce boxes which lead officers straight to his door.

At Newcastle Crown Court today, Trotter pleaded guilty to four burglary offences, including the raid on Pizza Hut, and one charge of common assault. 

Detective Constable Stu Havery, of Northumbria Police, said: ‘William Trotter went on what can only be described as an inexplicable burglary spree that caused widespread misery to both residents and businesses.

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‘He continually showed a blatant disregard for the law as he broke into both homes and commercial premises across the city to satisfy his own greed.

‘Trotter is the latest in a line of serial burglars who’ve been locked up in Sunderland and South Tyneside this year, and I hope his sentence sends out an important message to other opportunistic offenders – you will be caught, and you will be brought to justice.’

After an attempt to scrub the shop floor doesn’t work (pictured), he pours Pepsi all over it

Even though he poured the sugary drink on the floor (pictured), police officers were still able to catch him using DNA extracted from blood left on source boxes (pictured middle right)

As well as burgling Pizza Hut, the court was told that Trotter raided two homes on River View, Sunderland, in October last year.

After targeting the first property, Trotter, of East Vines, Sunderland, then forced his way into a second home and pocketed jewellery and cash.

However, when the occupants – a husband, wife and young child – returned home unexpectedly, Trotter hid behind the door before attacking them. He then made off following a violent struggle.

But he was caught by police after his DNA was found on a hat which he had inadvertently dropped while making his bid for freedom.

The light-fingered thief also admitted stealing Christmas presents from under the tree at a Sunderland hair salon in December 2018, along with an accomplice.

Trotter showed little festive spirit as he kicked his way into the Estrella salon, on Foyle Street, just two days before Christmas last year.

He then snatched dozens of delicately-wrapped Christmas presents that had been left under the tree for staff and customers, before swiping hair and beauty products from the shelf.

On Wednesday at Newcastle Crown Court, Trotter was jailed for the four burglary offences as well as a charge of common assault. 

He now begins a stretch behind bars.

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