Car plows into livery van carrying disabled kids

A driver slammed into a livery van carrying disabled children Friday morning in Queens, leaving four people injured, officials said.

A gray Honda Civic struck the white Ford van, from the Mid-Island Transport Company, on Hillside Avenue near the corner of Williston Avenue in Williston Park at about 7:30 a.m., officials and witnesses said.

Police on scene said the van was carrying children, some of whom were disabled. The children suffered “bumps and bruises,” cops said.

The van was struck from behind. The driver of the Civic, an older woman with white hair, ran a red light, according to one witness, who gave only his first name, Ye.

“I heard a very big noise like metal crashing together,” the bystander said. “The woman, I see blood on her face. It looked like she was sleeping, blacked out. They took her out of the car.”

Jim Macaluso, a doctor whose office is nearby, said he heard “two big booms” and ran outside.

“The Civic was going east on Hillside Avenue. It hit the white van, spun around and rested two blocks away from where it hit the van,” Macaluso said.

“I went over to [the Civic’s driver]. She was unconscious,” he said. “All the plastic stuff and the soft area of the roof fell inches from her head. There was just enough room for her head. She was covered by the airbag. You couldn’t see her. She was seat-belted behind the airbag. … I took her pulse. She had a pulse, but she was unresponsive.”

The Civic’s front end was destroyed and its airbags deployed. Blood was on the airbag.

Fire officials said three of those injured were taken to local hospitals. The fourth refused medical attention.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing, police said.

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