Cat set on fire gets second chance when he’s saved by animal lover

A cat brutally set on fire and left to die has managed to secure the rest of his eight lives after a kind woman adopted him off the treat.

The poor moggy, now called Cookie, was spotted cowering under a car and covered in blisters by TikTok user Kaylee Stewart who quickly took him to a vet.

Kaylee cleaned his wounds every night and made a heartbreaking video of the brave cat's progress in the month-and-a-half since she found him in his deplorable condition.

In the beginning clip, Cookie is sheltering under a car with his burned skin red raw and what looks like blackened flesh hanging from his face.

Unfortunately, from the pattern of the burns, it appears someone has doused the cat in aerosol or lighter fluid and set him on fire.

with the help of a trap, she caught the frightened animal and took him to a vet, beginning his long journey of recovery.

Kaylee explains that "every day his wounds get better and we get closer" as she shows the moment Cookie first gave her a cautious sniff and accepted food.

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The cat starts to let her very gently stroke his unburned skin and Kaylee says they became "best friends" as time went on – with Cookie becoming "goofy" and the "most loving cat I've ever met".

In the final shot, with Cookie snuggled up on her shoulder, Kaylee promises she will "never let anyone hurt him again".

Although his fur will never grow back where it was seared off by the flames, the cat looks fit and well as he snuggles into his new life, safe at last.

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