Cathedral of St. John the Divine being turned into coronavirus field hospital

They should have even more of a prayer now.

Manhattan’s famed Cathedral of St. John the Divine is being turned into a field hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic, church officials say.

The soaring Gothic cathedral’s nave, or main section, is expected to house about 400 beds and take in patients from the Mount Sinai Health System starting in the next week or so, according to the Episcopal News Service.

The massive house of worship’s cavernous underground crypt will be used as a “staging” for healthcare workers, The New York Times said. 

“Cathedrals have long served as places of refuge and healing in times of plague and community crisis,” said the Morningside Heights cathedral’s dean, the Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel III, on Twitter on Monday.

“The Cathedral is stepping up now, as we always have, to help support our diverse and beloved community and the community of doctors, nurses, and volunteers risking their health and well-being in the service of the people of New York City in our hour of need.”

The pop-up hospital in the magnificent stone-and-stained-glass church will likely house at least some coronavirus sufferers, a St. John’s official told the ENS.

Patients will be housed in beds under about nine, large, climate-controlled tents, Daniel added to the Times.

He said the church offered its space to Mount Sinai officials — who run the Mount Sinai Medical Center next to St, John’s, among other facilities — last month.

The Episcopal church says it is the largest cathedral in the world and that it has been around since 1892.

Church officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Post on Tuesday.

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