Chainsaw-toting ‘paedophile hunters’ torture dad to death after addict wife lied

A gang of chainsaw-toting meth-head paedophile hunters tortured a dad-of-eight to death after forcing a confession from him for something he never did.

Australian Bradley Lyons became a target for Albert Thorn and his horrific gang after his own wife Jana Hooper suspected him of sexually assaulting to her her teenage daughters – he did not.

The gang's leader Thorn as now been found guilt of torture, imprisonment and murder in Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia.

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Hooper enlisted the gang's assistance when she believed that her husband was actually the father of her 16-year-old daughter's child and had also made her 14-year-old daughter pregnant.

However it emerged at a court hearing earlier this month that this was actually not true, and it also emerged that she was addicted to the Class A drug Methamphetamine.

CCTV footage taken from outside the couple's home in Victoria shows her “giving the nod” for the ghastly thugs to go into their home, jump the poor bloke and beat him up.

He had a shotgun barrel shoved into his mouth as they tried to force a confession out of him – he was then bundled into a car boot by Thorn, and was never seen alive again.

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The Supreme Court of Victoria heard how he was left trapped in the car boot for 21 hours in horrific temperatures, and was heard shouting: “Get me out of here, or kill me now”.

He was removed from it and dragged to a shed where he was then tortured.

Shockingly, when he was found, both feet, some bones from his hand and one bone from his neck were missing.

A chainsaw was used during the torture, too.

The court heard: “A chainsaw was held over his head to make him talk, he was punched, hot water from a kettle was poured on him, and Deep Heat was put on his body.”

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Having been subjected to horrific torture, he was then put back into the car boot, he was driven to a dirt track and forced to wait while a shallow grace was dug.

He was then shot in the leg so that he was forced to kneel.

The final blow came after he was shot in the back of the skull.

His wife was jailed for seven-and-a-half-years, and Thorn is now awaiting sentencing.

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