Charges dropped in hockey player’s fatal beatdown of Uber driver

Manhattan prosecutors have dropped charges against an amateur hockey player accused of ​beating to death​ an Uber driver with his stick​ ​–​ ​s​aying the victim’s underlying health problems ​led to his death.

Randolph Tolk, 68, died in November 2017 following a confrontation with hockey player Kohji Kosugi outside Chelsea Piers. Kosugi initially stood charged with first-degree manslaughter for allegedly whacking him in the head following a ro​​ad-rage incident.

“The Medical Examiner’s Office concluded that the victim, Randolf Tolk, had an interaction with Mr. Kosugi which led to an increase in Mr. Tolk’s blood pressure, adrenaline and his body’s need for oxygen,” Assistant DA Gregory Sagermano told the court Tuesday. “Due to underlying medical conditions, his body was unable to get the necessary blood and oxygen to the organs that needed it. And that caused Mr. Tolk’s death.”

“Despite some early indication that Mr. Kosugi may have struck Mr. Tolk in the head with a hockey stick, there were only superficial injuries to the head,” the prosecutor noted. “The video surveillance evidence and additional witnesses fail to reliably establish that Mr. Kosugi struck Mr. Tolk in the head with the hockey stick.”

The late-night spat between the two men occurred when Tolk stopped his car in the crosswalk at 20th Street and 11th Avenue, and Kosugi allegedly rapped on its hood with his hockey stick.

Tolk stepped out and an altercation ensued, law enforcement sources have said. He then jumped back in the car and drove a mile and half before crashing his vehicle.

“I think it’s important that everyone knows that Mr. Kosugi remains devastated by the loss of life in relation to this incident,” defense attorney David Jeffries said Tuesday. “He’s fully aware of how difficult this must have been for the family.”

Tolk’s adult son did not immediately return a message.

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