Children of polyamorous couple suffered ‘abuse’ after exposure to sexual acts

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A polyamorous couple have been found to have inflicted 'psychological abuse' on their children, a court has found.

The two children had both displayed behaviours indicating that the couple's actions had impacted on them psychologically.

The young girl, nine, showed sexualised behaviour while she was playing with her barbie dolls, while a boy, 4, began daytime wetting.

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A family court found that the New Zealand couple, who led a polyamorous lifestyle, had engaged in sexual activities in the open lounge while the children were home.

They had also spoken crassly about sex while in front of the children and not modified their language.

The two children had become step siblings when the couple met and got together in 2018 while one member of the couple was still living with her fiancé.

The three adults had shared a bed while the younger child had slept in a cot in the same bedroom.

The fiancé left the relationship, with the remaining two getting married in February 2019.

In October that year four children, including the woman's two teenage sons as well as the boy and girl, were all at home when the couple had sex with a Tinder date in the open living room.

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While they protested that one person had been keeping an eye out to make sure that the children didn't walk in on them, the judge rejected this, saying that a child-focussed approach would have been to have sex in a part of the house which was isolated from the children.

Judge La-Verne King said: "I do not accept Judith's attention was entirely focused on keeping an eye and ear out for the children. She chose to remain in the lounge while Carl and [the other woman] were engaged in sexual activity."

Meanwhile, interviews with the teenage boys revealed that they were aware the couple had sex in the lounge when thy had friends over.

One of the boys told the court psychologist: "So now; if I go inside, I put my headphones on so I can't hear anything and I don't look. I know where the toilet is so I curve around so I don't see anything."

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The exposure led to the daughter displaying 'sexualised behaviour' while playing with barbie dolls, including using inappropriate language and simulating sex acts with the dolls.

Despite this, the polyamorous couple maintained that the children were safe with them, but the judge disagreed, issuing an order that they stop exposing the children to their lifestyle.

The judge found that there was also an "unacceptable risk" to the boy's safety while he was under the care of his polyamorous father.

He ordered that the two only have unsupervised contact during the daytime.

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