Chile activists stage naked protest to end violence against women

Defiant activists in Chile staged a naked rally in protest at violence against women.

The women were marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women yesterday.

They lit candles and held up signs, as some stripped completely naked in defiance against sexual violence.

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According to the Chilean National Women's Service, 50 per cent of married women had suffered spousal abuse after a study in 2004.

And now, women in the country are taking a stand with protests.

It comes amid growing protests in the troubled South American nation.

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There has been over month of protests against inequality and police repression in Santiago.

The city is now awash with graffiti displaying messages in defiance.

Protests have been met with teargas as mass crowds have been pictured gathering in the city.

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According to the Sun, the latest naked protest is against a culture accused of failing to address domestic crimes against women.

Last week, a female photo journalist was found dead at her home in Santiago.

She had been photographing anti-government protestors, and was particularly focussing on women protesting against violence.

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