China deploys drones to order people to ‘stay inside’ during strict lockdowns

China has deployed drones to monitor people in cities where strict lockdown left millions of people staying home for days.

Viral video posted on Douyin, an equivalent to TikTok, shows citizens in Wuxi, southern Jiangsu province, staying in their high-rise as a drone flies between the buildings.

Equipped with a camera and a loudspeaker, the autonomous vehicle repeats a message that said: "This community is in total lockdown now.

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"All citizens please follow our quarantine rules and stay in your room."

It stops in front of each flat and goes on to the next one playing the same message.

Wuxi is one of more than 70 cities that have been subjected to full or partial lockdown, which impacted more than 300 million people.

"MuYe" who shared the clip, wrote: "Locked in my house, drone surveillance. The world from my window."

Some patriotic viewers said she should "have faith in China's greatness".

"It's safer to follow this and stay at home for 14 days, we should all be doing this," another chimed in.

But others were concerned as the camera pointed directly to the windows.

"Doesn't look very safe to me with the cameras pointing at the window, there's no privacy at all," a man expressed and another shared: "Shut the blinds! This is so unnecessary!"

The video has since been shared to Twitter, including former BBC reporter Alex Belfield, writing: "No more goons from the police threatening humans and herding the public into camps.

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"This year, it's screaming drones filming through your window."

Another said: "Dystopian nightmare as reality."

"I know 'literally 1984' is a meme but this is literally 1984," a third commented, making reference to George Orwell's famous work '1984'.

Others referred it to scenes from dramas like Black Mirror and Squid Game.


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