China working on ‘brain-control weapon’ that ‘paralyses and controls opponents’

China has taken technological warfare to a whole new level by working on weapons that have the capability to “paralyse and control” the minds of enemy soldiers, the US has claimed.

President Joe Biden has sanctioned China's Academy of Military Medical Sciences, along with 11 affiliated research institutions, for using “biotechnology” which includes “brain-control weaponry”.

While there are no specific details of how the actual technology works, sources claim that China does not want to “destroy the bodies” of enemy soldiers, but rather “attack the enemy's will to resist” by paralysing and controlling them.

The claims come from documents obtained by America's Commerce Department in 2019, which were then leaked to the Washington Times.

The report states that Chinese scientists are looking at taking control of the “the sphere of human consciousness “causing the brain to become the main target of offence and defence of new concept weapons”.

The report was published in China's official military newspaper, the PLA Daily, which also claimed that the country was merging four major tech fields – nano, bio, information and cognition.

The report states: “Future human-machine merging will revolve around the contest for the brain.

“The two combatant sides will use various kinds of brain control technologies and effective designs to focus on taking over the enemy’s way of thinking and his awareness, and even directly intervene in the thinking of the enemy leaders and staff, and with that produce war to control awareness and thinking.”

There are two other reports, which also explain how one of the possibly ways of achieving the mind-control method is by using wearable equipment to “stimulate or manipulate” the brain's electrical activity.

The US announced the sanctions, claiming that it was due to China's new policy being “contrary to US national security and foreign policy”.

Included in the sanctioned bodies were the Institute of Radiation and Radiation Medicine, the Institute of Basic Medicine, the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, and the Military Veterinary Research Institute.

The latter is thought to be down to China's attempts to test the technology on animals first.

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