Christina Perri reflects on pregnancies with pics, emotional message: ‘I am here & whole’

Christina Perri is looking back at the past five years and four pregnancies with hope, insight and love.

The “A Thousand Years” singer posted a photo composite of herself pregnant on Instagram Dec. 22, along with a note that begins, “the past 5 years seem like they’ve been challenging for everyone i know. me? well, i‘ve been pregnant or becoming un-pregnant for all of them.””> View this post on Instagram

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She continues, “i’m reflecting now on this beautiful & heartbreaking chapter in my life, and i’m also turning the page to the next one. i’m excited to see what’s next. as this year closes i’m so grateful for my 2 living babies and my 2 spirit babies, but maybe most of all i’m grateful for my body & all she’s been through… as well as my heart which has been broken so many times and still works.”

The “Jar of Hearts” singer wrapped up the post with a message to “all the mamas” and “want-to-be mamas” who were enduring a painful experience this holiday season.

“it’s so interesting how joy and grief hold hands as well. you don’t know til you know,” Perri wrote. “i am here & whole and walked through it all & i promise you can too. love love love to you.”

Perri, 36, welcomed her second child, Pixie Rose, in October and posted about the experience. Perri referred to Pixie as a “double rainbow baby” in her announcement as she was born after the singer had a miscarriage and stillbirth, both of which happened in 2020.

In January 2020, she revealed she’d had a miscarriage, and then in November 2020 her daughter Rosie was stillborn. One year later, Perri released the album “Songs for Rosie.”

Perri and husband Paul Costabile welcomed their first child, Carmella, in 2018.

Earlier this month, she posted a picture of Santa Claus with Carmella and Pixie, writing, “there’s so much heaviness in the world today, and this year was challenging for most everyone i know, but for a brief moment i look at this photo of my two beautiful daughters wearing matching christmas dresses and my heart is healed.””> View this post on Instagram

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She finished the post off with a message of hope: “I am grateful to be right here right now. hopefully 2023 is gentle and kind to all of us, cause gosh, we sure need it.”

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