Christmas-mad mum crafts isolation facility for her Elf on the Shelf with mask

A Christmas mad mum is kicking off the fun Elf on the Shelf social media trend this year with a very apt elf coronavirus isolation facility.

Jolie Culpepper, posted the nifty craft to Facebook, and said she will be making an isolation facility for the family’s visiting elf this year.

She said she’ll be making the unit, which appears to be made out of a jam jar, along with a little mask for the magical creature.

The nifty isolation house is of course referencing the two-week isolation period people are asked to take part in if they have either a positive coronavirus test or Covid-19 symptoms.

It is unclear where the mum got the fab idea from, but she urged parents to do the same as it will be 14 days the family won’t have to move her.

Alongside the post, Mrs Culpepper said: "When the elf on the shelf returns, she will have to isolate for 14 days! I will be making her a little house And a mask, just like this one! That’s 14 days we won’t have to move her!"

Elf on the Shelf is a fun social media challenge that involves a toy elf and children throughout the Christmas season.

Parents also take part in the challenge by setting up cheeky scenarios their elf managed to get themselves into overnight.

The fun festive idea was a hit with other crafty mum's who take part in the Elf on the Shelf challenge every year.

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One user said: OMG great idea. My grand kids will be living here with us and I had not even thought about having to do this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

"Oh yes, MaMaw will be using this trick."

A second said: "This is absolutely GENIUS!"

"I'm so glad we never did that with our kids. If we did our elf would be very sick and after its better it would have to quarantine for 30 days to make sure nobody got it," a third added.

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