Convicted armed robber refusing to eat prison food ‘because it’s full of bogeys’

An armed obber has whinged that his prison food is being contaminated with bogeys.

Richarad Savory, 52, was jailed for 12 years in 2018 after he and two other men carried out a string of armed raids on shops in Yorkshire.

Writing from his cell at HMP Parc, a G4S-run jail in Wales, Savory said he was refusing to eat the food served up by inmates working in the jail kitchens.

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He said they were either ‘always picking their noses’ or ‘had their hands down their trousers’ – and that they didn’t even wear plastic gloves when serving grub.

Writing in lags’ newspaper Inside Time in the latest edition, he said: “Prisoners have to fetch our [own] food [from the canteen].

“Most of the time they [servery workers] do not wear gloves, so I refuse to eat it as it is basic health and hygiene (and) will contaminate the food.”

He added: “Most prisoners (in the servery) walk around with their hands down their trousers or picking their noses.

“Being served food in this manner is totally unacceptable.”

He said he had put in a string of complaints, but said they have ‘fallen on deaf ears’ – and that prison staff ‘constantly refuse to get me fresh food’.

He added: “Shame on you, HMP Parc.”

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Savory and his accomplices stole thousands of pounds and stock after holding up shop staff with a machete and knives at nine stores between March and April 2018.

Savory, of Sheffield, was jailed after being found guilty of two counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery at Sheffield Crown Court.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police, speaking in 2018, said Savory and his two accomplices were ‘violent criminals’.

He said: “These men are calculated and violent criminals who deserve every second of their time behind bars.

“They threatened innocent members of staff and members of the public with knives and in some cases they waved a 12-inch machete at both staff and customers.”

“I hope this case serves as a stark warning to anyone who thinks they are above the law.”

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