Coors Light releases nonalcoholic beer popsicles called Coors-icles

This one’s for the kids who grew up on Otter Pops.

On Tuesday, Molson Coors Beverage Co. debuted Coors-icles, a line of frozen beer popsicles that look just like the aforementioned children’s treat. These pops won’t give you a buzz though, since they’re nonalcoholic.

While popsicles are traditionally a summer snack, Coors Light released theirs to pair with March Madness – “to make sure fans 21+ stay chill when things get heated,” per an announcement. Even though Coors-icles do not contain alcohol, they’re intended for folks of drinking age. Plus, the beverage company contends the treats “can (and should!) be enjoyed with a crisp, cold Coors Light,” said a spokesperson.

The college basketball tournament comes to Denver’s Ball Arena March 17-19, but the pops won’t be available for purchase at concession stands. Instead, Coors Light said basketball fans can buy Coors-icles at 800 bars nationwide throughout the tournament’s run, including several near Ball Arena.

If you’d prefer to watch your favorite team from the comfort of home, you can order them online at A six-pack of Coors Light-flavored Coors-icles will set you back about $20.

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