Cotton bud that was stuck in man’s ear for TWO YEARS removed in grim footage

A man had a cotton bud removed from his ear he was unaware had been wedged there for two YEARS

He only realised it must have got stuck inside after going swimming and it swelled up, causing him a lot of pain.

The bud was removed by Neel Raithatha, at the Hear Clinic in Oadby, Leicestershire.

He filmed the removal, which makes for grim watching.

Neel said: "The client reported muffled hearing in the right ear.

"Fortunately, the eardrum was healthy and intact and it took around a minute to remove.

"It was a delicate procedure given the cotton bud was pushed right up against the eardrum.

"I had to ensure I did not exert any force whilst removing as I could have easily have perforated the eardrum in doing so."

This is not the first time that Neel, who calls himself the ‘wax whisperer’, has had to remove an unusual object from people’s ears.

He said: "I have previously removed a pen cap and earring from the ear."

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