Covid-19 Delta outbreak: South Auckland man delivers food to those who can’t leave house

A couple dedicated to helping those in need have been paying for and delivering groceries to those unable to access food banks.

Davinder and Jyoti Singh Rahal, of Manukau, have delivered essential food items to the elderly, injured and those without transport in their community during lockdown.

“There are people doing great work with the food drives but we are reaching out to people who are unable to collect the food,” Rahal said.

“Today we are taking groceries to a woman who is seven months pregnant and can’t leave her home.”

The couple have spent $1,767 of their own savings so far this lockdown.

Davinder and Jyoti Singh Rahal are today’s Lockdown Heroes.

“We feel blessed and we know there are people who are in need, who can’t drive, can’t walk, can’t leave their homes. This is our time to contribute.”

“It is the way I was taught by my father, to give when you can.”

The pair have used social media and local community groups to make contact with people who can’t physically go to get groceries.

One of the Facebook groups – Indians in Auckland – has 31,000 members.

“Depending on their requirements we take them lentils, rice, oil, potatoes and onions, enough for a month.

“Some ask for eggs, milk, bread, baked beans and yoghurt.”

Jyoti does the grocery shopping and then the pair call ahead and arrange a time to deliver to the doorstep.

“We haven’t seen anyone face-to-face, of course, but then they call us later and they are so very thankful.

“This really makes a difference for them and we are happy to help. It feels really good to do this.”

Rahal is well known in the south Auckland community for his giving nature.

He is the founder of the Life Vision Society, which is focused on improving the welfare of the community.

In 2017 the society bought a building in Papatoetoe and turned it into a community activity centre, kitchen and temporary homeless shelter.

The unit has a large hall, several smaller rooms and provides free wi-fi.

One of the rooms has three single beds, which provide homeless people with somewhere temporary to stay.

Those staying had access to a shower, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Rahal is also a Justice of the Peace and was awarded a Queen’s Service Medal in 2012 for services to the Indian community.

Davinder Singh Rahal can be contacted on 02737 11111.

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