Dad to be charged with 'murder' of baby Caleb ‘CJ’ Whisnand Jr after he begged for public’s help to find son

A DAD is set to be charged with murder over the death of his "missing" baby after the parents begged for the public's help to find their son.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Alabama confirmed that Caleb “CJ” Whisnand Jr was found dead after being missing for two days.

Dad Caleb Michael Whisnand, 32, is being held in connection with the baby's death.

The child's body was found shortly after his parents gave a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Cops said that "after the news conference, we were able to obtain some pretty good information that led us to the body."

The cause of death has not been revealed and Whisnand is being held in the Montgomery County Detention Facility on a $100,000 bond.

However, during a press conference on Thursday morning, police said that after an autopsy was conducted last night, "there was evidence that indicated that the proper charge will be capital murder."

Once this charge is filed, Whisnand will not be held on a bond.

The father and mom Angela Gardner had previously made a public plea for the child's safe return, according to

“She didn’t get to have her son on Mother’s Day or Monday,’' grandmother Margaret Hope told the outlet.

“Angela is a great mother, and she is overprotective of her kids. She was so happy when she gave birth.

"I was there when she gave birth to the baby. I can’t believe the SOB killed her baby.”

Little Caleb was last seen in Montgomery, and was found dead in a wooded area.

Hope, the grandmother, told that Gardner was about to leave Whisnand “and I think that’s the reason he took the baby.”

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency had issued a missing child alert on the morning of May 11.

Whisnand had previously told reporters he had no idea who might have taken Caleb.

“If we knew, we would have already went there,” he told the outlet.

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