David Baddiel posts snap of customers queuing out Greggs door and says it 'must be the North'… and not everyone sees the funny side

The comic infuriated tweeters when he shared a snap of a long queue snaking out of the bakers with the caption “must be the North”.

He wrote: “At a service station, not sure entirely where, but suspect somewhere in the North of England.”

While many, from across the country, saw the funny side – others accused Baddiel of being elitist.

Michael Robson said: “Err, they have Gregg's down south I believe. In fact I have frequented the Brighton one on many an occasion. A little bit stereotypical there I think."

Stewart McCartney wrote: “Oh dear, stereotyping.”

A poster called Simdeck said: “What’s the problem? This snobbery towards Greggs I find a bit odd.”

Ian Hough wrote: “Ah yes, the Northerner – one of the few remaining acceptable targets for virtue-signalers with a need to generalise prejudiciously [sic].”

Martyn McEwan said: “How very provincial of you. I’m sending my letter of complaint to ‘that London’ by one of my prize pigeons.”

One particular tweeter accused Baddiel of acting “superior” and labelled the comic a “middle class ignoramous” for his joke.

But the stand-up hit back and said he was simply having a laugh.

Baddiel wrote: “I am indeed middle-class and superior @chris23aug but not an ignoramus, as I know what a joke is.”

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