Death of the Queen ‘interrupted Meghan’s vulgar victory lap around the UK’

The Queen's death "only interrupted Meghan's victory lap" of the UK, a royal expert has claimed.

Meghan and Harry had been in Germany to promote the Invictus Games when news of the monarch's ill health broke, prompting the Sussexes to rush back to the UK where Harry continued on to Balmoral and Meghan remained in London.

Since then the pair have attended a walkabout at Windsor Palace, viewing tributes laid to Queen Elizabeth II alongside William and Kate, the newly-appointed Prince and Princess of Wales.

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The feuding couples had rarely been seen together before the visit and the two Princes barely speak, but Will reportedly extended the invitation to his estranged brother and his wife as an olive branch.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield told the Daily Star: "I applaud the Prince and Princess of Wales for allowing Harry and Meghan to be seen with them after that horrific Oprah interview," referring to the Sussexes' first-ever tell-all interview back in 2021 where the couple made a number of allegations including that Meghan and her unborn child had faced racism at the hands of a member of the Royal Family.

She added: "By being seen together, they temporarily stop the war of the Windsors conversation."

However, the To Di For Daily Podcast host warned that this wasn't the beginning of the end of the couples' intense rivalry.

"I don’t know how anyone could forgive Harry and Meghan," she continued.

"The death of the Queen only interrupted Meghan’s victory lap around the UK.

"Promoting herself and her podcast through charity stops. Vulgar."

The Sussexes had been on a tour of the UK and Germany prior to the Queen's death, having made a stop in Manchester for the opening of the One Young World summit, where Meghan gave her first public speech in the UK since Megxit.

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The Duchess, who has been a counsellor for One Young World since 2014, said "it is very nice to be back in the UK" before encouraging young leaders to "cement their place in history" and "create a better future".

The pair had intended to travel to Balmoral together, but "tensions" meant that Meghan was denied access to the Queen's death bed at the last minute, according to reports.

The walkabout in Windsor was the first official engagement the pair had attended together since the death of the Queen, and fetched plenty of criticism.

Another royal expert noted that Meghan suggested she was a member of the Royal Family in a conversation she had with a fan at Windsor, calling the comments "extremely jarring".

In a video posted to TikTok, Meghan approached a fan in the gathered crowd at the palace and asked her name before saying: "Thank you for being here, it means so much to the family, we appreciate it, thank you," and giving her a hug.

Writing for, Daniela Elser observed how Meghan had used the word "we" on multiple occasions to describe the mourning Royal Family.

"Hearing Meghan say [the word 'we'], identifying as a member of the royal family after years of, along with Harry, assailing the House of Windsor is extremely jarring," Elser wrote.

"What his video really brings into focus is the fact that the Duke and Duchess have never seemed to have any problem with the hypocrisy of all that having cake and eating it too malarkey."


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