Denver family recovers irreplaceable Osage heirlooms stolen in an SUV

A Denver family who had traditional, handmade Osage clothing stolen along with their SUV have recovered the vehicle and precious items.

Aurora police found the Honda SUV parked on a street Thursday afternoon and the vehicle was impounded, according to the Jacobs family.

On Friday, after a long and anxious night, Jan and Ben Jacobs were able to claim the Honda and determine that suitcases filled with family-made clothing passed down through generations were intact.

The Honda was stolen Monday night after Jan Jacobs embarked on a 12-hour drive back from Oklahoma to attend Osage I’nlonshka ceremonial dances. The SUV’s trunk contained suitcases of the traditional Osage clothes.

“While the car was certainly rummaged through and while there were things stolen from the vehicle, the items of most importance remained, largely untouched,” the family said in a news release. “Thankfully, everything of importance was still in the car.”

Jan and Ben Jacobs are co-owners of Tocabe: American Indian Eatery, 3536 W. 44th Ave., Denver. They celebrated the return of their “family treasures” on Friday.

“While the thought of the potential loss was unfathomable, their gratitude for the safe return of these heirlooms is immeasurable,” the release said.

The family said they received support and encouragement from throughout the country over the items that were stolen. “The Jacobs family sends their deepest gratitude to their Colorado community members and their Native brothers and sisters,” the release said.

They also thanked Denver and Aurora police, along with news organizations who published their initial painful story.

“The Jacobs’ family sends their deepest appreciation to every single person (known and unknown to them) who said a prayer, shared their story, offered help, and sent positive thoughts their way,” the release said. “It is a reminder that in spite of the bad in this world, when we come together, the good will always be strong enough to overcome!”

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