Denver weather: Thunderstorms and a lot more rain are coming

Denver is just 0.59 inches away of precipitation from reaching for what the city got in all of 2020 and a lot of wet days are in the forecast.

Scattered thunderstorms will begin developing Friday afternoon in and around the hills. Mountains should expect lightning and 40-mph wind gusts while the rains will move out onto the plains with a chance to be severe. The main threat, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder, is a line from Cheyenne to Limon and eastward between 4 and 8 p.m. Golf ball-sized hail, 60-mph wind gusts, and isolated tornados are possible.

In Denver, Friday will top at 75 degrees with a 30% chance of rain after 4 p.m. Overnight; the low will dip to 46 degrees.

More severe thunderstorms are expected Saturday over the plains, with hail and damaging wind as the main threat. In Denver, expect a high of 69 degrees on a mostly cloudy day with showers and thunderstorms after lunchtime. There is a 60% chance of precipitation with 15-mph wind gusts throughout the day.

Heavy rainfall on Sunday and Monday may occur, but the risk of severe weather is less. A slow-moving low pressure will bring a 90% chance of precipitation Sunday in Denver with a high of 69 degrees and a low of 50 degrees.

Monday will top out in the mid-60s with a 90% chance of more rain. Rain and thunderstorms are possible throughout the next week.

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