Detroit fire department officials charged for group photo outside burning home

Thirteen Detroit firefighters and four supervising sergeants have been hit with departmental charges in connection with their knucklehead decision to take a group photo in front of a burning home.

A city fire department official, who was not authorized to go on the record, told FOX 2 Thursday that the firefighters have been charged with exhibiting ignorance of the rules or orders.

The four sergeants have been charged with failure to supervise or take appropriate action, the official said.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones confirmed to the station that disciplinary measures would be doled out.

“Our investigation has been completed and appropriate discipline has been issued to some of the members of the department involved in this incident,” Jones said in a statement. “However, we do not comment on the details of personnel matters.”

The controversial image — which has since been deleted — popped up just before midnight New Year’s Eve on the Facebook account Detroit Fire Incidents Page.

It included the caption, “Crews take a moment to get a selfie on New Years!”

Dozens commented — many blasting the firefighters for stopping for a photo op as an active fire burned.

But others saw no issue with it and praised the city’s firefighters.

After the group snap lit up the internet, red-faced fire officials argued that the home was “vacant” and too engulfed in flames for the smoke eaters to save.

The homeowners were enraged by the photo, resident Deonte Higginbotham, 21, told the Post — adding that the two-story brick dwelling has been in his family for 50 years.

“Everybody is furious,” Higginbotham said. “They just let it burn to the ground … Eighteen men and none of them did anything….All of them need to be fired.”

Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell said at the time that the fire chief in the center of the photo was retiring, “and I think they just felt they would do this as a memento, but unfortunately, that’s probably not very professional.”

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