Diana party snub is huge blow after ‘attack against Kate’ – expert claims

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Prince Harry’s decision to snub Princess Diana’s memorial is a huge blow after Meghan Markle’s “personal attack against Kate”, a royal expert has claimed.

The remarks come on the same day as the royal event which will honour late Princess Diana at Kensington Palace today ( October 19 ).

The event, which marks what would have been Diana’s 60th year, was originally meant to take place in the summer to help thank donors for support in funding the commemorative statue of Diana on the grounds of the palace.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe believes that Harry would’ve been “sorely missed” and said it is “very sad” that he didn’t attend the event, reports OK Magazine.

The author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story said: “Obviously he lives a long way away now and we’ve still got travel restrictions but it’s entirely possible for him to fly back to the UK, as he showed in July for the unveiling of the statue.

“Both of Diana’s sons should be there. Unfortunately, it’s just further confirmation – not that another is needed – that things are not great between the brothers.

“If their mother’s legacy can’t bring them together then you do wonder what on earth can.”

He said that it will be interesting to see if William will thank donors on Harry’s behalf at the event.

He added: “He [will have] thanked people for being there on behalf of him and his brother. We’ll have to wait until we know what William [has said] before we can draw conclusions about whether the rift has deepened.

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“It’s very easy to forget just how personal the attack on Oprah was against Kate,” he says. “William is understandably very protective of Kate and let’s not forget that Meghan directly accused Kate of making her cry rather than the other way round."

He added: "She then accused Kate of briefing journalists against her, or at least not clarifying the truth of the story, when actually it’s a very strong allegation to make publicly.

“Between two members of the royal family it’s almost unheard of. The only other royal who’s done that is Diana when she was publicly attacking her husband.

"The reality is that Diana’s memorial party is another opportunity missed for the two brothers to get together.”

The Daily Star has contacted Harry and Meghan for comment.

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