Dog owner left needing 40 stitches after she and her pet were attacked

Dog owner left in pool of blood and needing 40 stitches after she and her pet were attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier while out jogging

  • Natasha Lynch, 32, was walking her dog Bruno, five, when they were attacked 
  • A Staffordshire bull terrier bit Ms Lynch before clamping down on her dog’s ear
  • The horrifying attack left her needing 40 stitches while her dog went to the vet 

A dog owner was on a run with her pet when they were attacked by another dog, leaving her needing 40 stitches.

Natasha Lynch, 32, and her five-year-old pet Bruno were walking on the recreation ground bordered by Radford Road, Lydgate Road and Sandy Lane in Radford, Coventry, on April 23 when they were confronted by a Staffordshire bull terrier.

The dog bit Bruno, an American bulldog and American pitbull terrier cross, on the ear and clamped down on it, while also biting Ms Lynch’s hand and arm. 

Bruno was left needing veterinary treatment while his owner had to get the stitches.

Dog owner Natasha Lynch, 32, was left needed 40 stitches after she and her pet were attacked by another dog while out jogging in Coventry

Ms Lynch said if the dog had attacked a child it could have been much worse. 

Ms Lynch, who was also with her younger sister Charlie at the time, said: ‘I took our dog for an evening run with my sister and we were running with our dog on a lead.

‘Then a dog ran up from the path that comes from Sandy Lane. It wasn’t on a lead and I got between that dog and Bruno and it started attacking and the rest was just blood.

‘The owner did come over and I said ”get it on a lead”, but he didn’t have one. The dog was biting me and the man was trying to get hold of it.

‘Then it clamped on to my dog’s ear and jaw-locked and I was trying to get it off and keep my dog calm.

‘If I had pulled the other dog then Bruno’s ear would have been pulled off.’ 

The Stafforshire bull terrier attacked Ms Lynch and her pet, biting her arm while clamping down on the ear of her pet Bruno

She said she was also trying to keep her sister out of harm’s way at the same time before somehow managing to get Staffordshire bull terrier off her dog.

She added: ‘I gave Bruno to my sister and got her to take him away.

‘A family were playing nearby and this guy ran home and came back with a first aid kit.

‘That dog then tried to come back again and I said to the owner ”even if you have to pick him up, just take him away”.

‘Bless the guy who came over with the first aid kit, he also wanted to ring an ambulance, but I just wanted to get my dog to the vet and then I then I would go to hospital.’

The dog owner said that Bruno would not leave her side following the attack. 

Ms Lynch was also critical of West Midlands Police, who she rang straight after the incident. 

She received a call back the following day but said it ended in an argument.

She said: ‘Someone rang me and we ended up in an argument as he wasn’t bothered about the injuries.

Ms Lynch said if the dog had attacked a child it could have been much worse and claimed that the animal’s owner didn’t have a lead with him

‘I’d been attacked by this dog and he was talking about police resources – if this had been a child they might not have survived.

‘Then I heard nothing after that and I kept chasing to get updates and then I went to Little Park Street station as it had been over a week.

‘I was promised that someone would ring and no phone call came. So I rang them on Friday to ask what’s going on and I keep getting passed from pillar to post and that dog is still out on the street.

‘It’s like banging your head against a wall and this is not a little crime.’

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: ‘We were made aware of a dog attacking another dog and its owner in Radford Road in Coventry just before 9pm on Monday, April 23.

‘The attack is believed to have taken place just before 8.30pm that night.

‘The 32-year-old woman sustained injuries to her hand and was treated at hospital. Her dog was also injured and required veterinary treatment.

‘Enquiries remain on-going and anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting crime reference 20CV/90589W/18.’   

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