Dog walker mistakes a grenade for a potato and takes it home

A dog walker nearly had her chips after mistaking a grenade for a potato.

Terri-Jade Barwell, 30, took home the spud-like object dug up by her pet, Marriott – only to be told she and her house could have been left in taters.

The 30-year-old joked: “I could have taken my whole family out. Marriott is always digging up stuff and when he dug up this it just looked like a potato.

“I thought, ‘I’ll have a look at that later’ and put it in my bag.”

The dog had found the device in a freshly ploughed field, where Terri was walking him, with her other two dogs.

When she got home, she left it and went for a shower and her boyfriend Mark Higgins, 32, looked it up on the internet.

After realising she’d brought home a “spud missile”, he ran up and told her to get out of the shower.

They called police to their home in Clifton, Nottingham, after putting the grenade outside their house.

Terri added: “Eight of the houses on this street are filled with my family members.

“If it had gone off I could have been responsible for killing off my whole family.”

Police said the device was a “practice bomb”, used for training, and only contained a small charge.

But Army bomb disposal experts took the precaution of evacuating homes and made the device safe.

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