Dog walker ‘s*** himself’ after finding creature he thought was scorpion

A crayfish spotted casually walking across a pavement has terrified witnesses, with one man admitting he "s*** myself" when he first saw one – thinking it was a deadly scorpion.

In the clip, filmed at Woodbank Park, Stockport, Manchester, the animal waves its huge claws at a dog that wanders over to sniff it.

"Come away from it!" the dog's owner says in warning.

Jamie Wardle posted a photo of the creature on Facebook and estimated it was around four to six inches in length and had been discovered by his dog.

Several residents initially thought the claw-bearing cephalopod was a scorpion – but another man, Leon McCreery, pointed out that it was in fact a crayfish.

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Leon has past encounters with the animals, as his dog, Smudge, has developed a talent for finding them.

"I s*** myself," Leon told the Manchester Evening News when asked how he reacted to first seeing one.

He said his dog is "an ancient breed from Spain" that was used to herd cattle and on farms and so the pooch had tried to herd the creature.

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He said: "I just saw him trying to herd something. I went over to him and thought it was a scorpion.

"I s*** myself. Then I saw I did not see a stinger tail. I was just watching it and another woman saw it and s*** herself.

"Someone else said it was a crayfish and put it back in the pond."

Leon and Smudge’s encounter took place in December last year, but the dad says he’s spotted the creatures several times since then.

It’s thought the crayfish spotted by Leon and Jamie are native white-clawed crayfish – a species under threat from signal crayfish, which are native to America.

According to the Inland Waterways Association, numbers of European white-clawed crayfish have declined by 50-80% in the last 10 years.

It is classified as endangered on the IUCN red list of threatened species and is at risk of global extinction.

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