Dogs with hearts of gold filmed helping out their owners with everyday chores

Lovable dogs have been filmed trying their best to be good by helping their owners out with chores – only to get it not quite right most of the time.

Daily Star Online has found these hilarious clips of dutiful dogs that tugged at our heartstrings and made us chuckle with their well-meaning antics.

These mutts try their clumsy paws at cleaning, gardening, and even the laundry while their bemused owners try to hold back the laughter.

Whatever their intentions, sometimes the dogs just don't have the coordination or the human smarts to be of real help – and the result is too precious.

Golden retriever fetches weird items

This dog, a golden retriever by name and nature, simply loves to bring his owner goodies.

In the funny video, shared by TikTok user @victoria.biro and shown at the top of this page, Bauer the dog fetches various items that are rated out of 10 for their usefulness.

With his first trick, he is awarded 10/10 for getting the newspaper "every morning" – which his owner says is a "classic".

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Next, he brings some "ugly" sunglasses and only gets 5/10 although he has bonus points for how goofy he looks with the lenses in his mouth.

Bauer is then given a very impressive 100/10 for fetching the TV remote when a certain US president was on the screen and his owner wanted to switch channels.

He went a bit downhill with his attempt to bring a towel – starting to walk away with it still in his mouth.

Finally, the clever dog brought a cup filled with water, leaving his owner "so impressed" they awarded the pooch 100,000/10.

Golden retriever tries sweeping the kitchen floor

An adorable golden retriever called Ellie was a model of canine cooperation in this adorable video where she helps around the house.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by @goldenretriverlife, clever Ellie performs chores normally reserved for the humans of the household.

In the first clip, she sweeps the floor by running a broom up and down the kitchen with the end firmly in her mouth.

Ellie then puts all her toys away in a wicker basket.

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She then poses at a stove with oven mitts on over her paws, looking every bit the enterprising home cook.

Ellie also appears to "operate" a cash machine and fetch parcels.

It was more than enough to impress dog lovers, many of who said they wish they had their own Ellie to help them out with life's struggles.

"This dog does more chores than me now I feel lazy," said one.

A second quipped: "Please train my husband."

Dog appears to do laundry in a sink

In this adorable video, a hardworking dog appears to be trying to wash a towel in a sink while her bemused owner watches and films.

The dog, who lives in Greece, is frantically pawing at a towel in the sink while standing on her hind legs.

She nuzzles at the towel and ushes it around with her paws, with her owner joking that she "wanna do the laundry".

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The video was uploaded on TikTok by user @christinateskou and has been "liked" more than 4,000 times with many people left absolutely smitten.

"Ah my housewife you sweetie," wrote one fan.

Somebody else wrote: "What a doll and job well done. I want her too aha."

A third quipped: "She pretends to be a better housewife than me."

Dog absolutely loves gardening

It's nice when your pet can join in with your hobbies – as is the case with this sweet mutt who loves nothing more than gardening in the veggie patch.

The video, uploaded by TikTok user @paralche, shows a mixed-breed dog called Ibro digging up some potatoes with uninhibited excitement.

While his owner turns the soil with a gardening fork, the dog pulls out red potatoes with his bare paws at the garden in Croatia.

The pooch then toils in another area of the allotment while his owner digs up more potatoes.

He is branded "our big helper" in the caption.

Despite his clear enthusiasm for the task, it is not clear if Ibro is helping by fetching potatoes or if he is just digging for the sake of it.

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