Donald Trump may meet Queen and PM outside London to avoid nightmare Friday the 13th protests

Following a cancelled trip earlier this year, the US President will have a "working visit" on Friday 13th July, after travelling to Europe for a NATO summit.

But it could be a sense of deja vu for the President, who avoided visiting at the start of the year after more than 1.8 million people signed a petition protesting at Theresa May's state visit invitation.

Activists now say they will 'take to the streets' in anger at his July visit, with commentator Owen Jones urging Brits on Facebook to come out in their masses to protest.

It is thought that Trump, who is expected to meet the Queen on his visit, may now meet Her Majesty and Theresa May outside of London to avoid the nightmare protests.

The talks with the Prime Minister could instead take place at her Chequers country retreat rather than in the capital.

MPs and campaigners have also vowed to protest over the trip, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan saying Brits would always exercise free speech.

And the deputy party leader of the Liberal Democrats urged supporters to "stand in solidarity" with those Trump has criticised.

Jo Swinson said: "The Government has made the right decision to cancel Trump's state visit, but this scaled down trip must not be met with scaled down protests.

"Protesting against a man with dangerous, misogynistic and racist views is our responsibility."

But Theresa May said she was “looking forward to welcoming President Trump to the United Kingdom  on July 13”.

And Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged Brits to roll out the red carpet.

He tweeted: “Fantastic news that President Donald Trump will at last come to Britain on 13 July.

Looking forward to seeing our closest ally and friend on the GREATest visit ever.”



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