Donald Trump's claims the election is being stolen from him are incendiary and insanely dangerous

Over and Don

DONALD Trump’s straw-clutching conspiracy theories about the election being ­stolen from him are worse than just another embarrassment to America. They are incendiary and insanely dangerous.

They should mortify his Republican Party, which ought to back away from him rapidly now, as some already have.

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Those closest to the President should rein him in, especially if he wants to run again in 2024, as is reported.

The US election may not have been flawless. Any isolated discrepancies and breaches should be probed. But it is preposterous to denigrate it as a sewer of corruption, as Trump did.

A handful of possibly dodgy ­ballots cannot account for the widespread and clear victory margins poised to put Joe Biden in the White House.

Trump can drag out his impending defeat in the courts. But it will achieve nothing except to whip his most enraged supporters into a frenzy.

His presidency was not the disaster many predicted, as boorish as his behaviour was, and it should not end with a graceless and inflammatory refusal to accept the inevitable.

It is laughable, though, to see Democrats — and the Left in the UK — pose as noble champions of democracy.

Hillary Clinton, her party and their media fans still absurdly claim Trump “stole” the victory she felt entitled to in 2016. There was no evidence for that either.

As for Labour and the Lib-Dems, they took one look at the biggest democratic mandate ever delivered here, Brexit, and campaigned with deranged fervour to overturn or simply cancel it. The Left respects democracy only when it wins.

US Republicans now have their future and their image to consider. Not to mention a substantial consolation prize: Likely continued control of the Senate, enough to clip Biden’s wings.

They should not let Trump’s destructive tantrum sabotage their prospects.

Peak of folly

HOW crazy that we went into lockdown just AFTER the second wave peaked.

And how depressing that the tiers system was binned when it was working.

If lockdowns were pain-free we would grudgingly accept this month of house arrest to hammer home the advantage. But they also kill people and destroy jobs and families. They are a mistake.

On the upside, what possible excuse now for NOT liberating us on December 2?

Lest we forget

COVID has cost the Poppy Appeal millions. Let’s all help put that right today.

Our troops defend our freedoms. But, as Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says, they are also on the frontline right now battling the virus.

If you haven’t already, buy a poppy or just donate at

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