Dramatic moment blood-soaked thug kicks female police officer in the head

A thug has been sent back to jail for six months after being filmed kicking a volunteer police officer in the head as he tried to avoid getting arrested.

Connor Bates, 22, had been released from prison on licence after previously attacking four police officers by spitting and kicking.

He was trying to run from the police after the officers were alerted to a report of criminal damage at Amsterdam Road in Sunderland on September 6.

Footage taken from the police's body-worn camera shows blood-soaked Bates running in a field before he is tackled onto the ground.

The special constable, which is a voluntary role, is heard yelling: "Get down! Get down on the floor!"

While trying to detain Bates with the handcuffs, she is kicked in the head, leaving her with a lump on the back of her head and in pain.

The officers told Newcastle Crown Court that Bates appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs and had blood on his hands and clothing.

The special constable mentioned in a victim statement: "Even though I expect an element of resistive behaviour, I do not expect anyone to physically assault me in my line of duty.

"I was left with pain and a bump to the rear of my head."

Bates, of Saint Ignatius Close, Sunderland, who has convictions for 31 previous offences, admitted assaulting an emergency worker, according to Chronicle Live.

Prosecutor Penny Hall told the court: "He made reference to kicking the special constable in the head, which he then did.

"The defendant struck his leg out, his left leg, and kicked the special constable to the back of her head."

Judge Robert Spragg sentenced Bates, who has already been recalled to prison to complete his sentence for the previous offences, to six months behind bars.

The judge told him: "This was a deliberate kick to the head area of a female officer, just trying to do her job.

"If you continue to assault police officers simply trying to do their job, your sentences are simply going to get longer and longer."

Alec Burns, defending, said Bates "didn't feel he should have been arrested" and was not charged in relation to the offence the officers had been called out for that day.

Mr Burns added: "Drink is his main problem".

The court heard Bates has sought help in custody to deal with his drink problem.

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