‘Dreadlocks’ dog with 3.5kg of overgrown fur given amazing makeover after rescue

A stray dog left with heavily-matted fur has been given an incredible makeover after being rescued by a kind-hearted man.

The poor pooch was discovered with her eyes and limbs covered in dirty, thick patches of fur.

Animal lover Xiao Wu found the dog resting in a bush near a residential community in the port city of Tianjin, northeastern China on Monday, January 25.

He told Daily Star that the nervous pooch was dragging huge "dreadlocks" when she tried to run away from her rescuers.

Wu said: "She is like wearing a heavy armour and she couldn't run far because she got tired pretty fast.

"A nearby security guard told me the dog has been around for five to six years."

Video shared on Wu's Douyin account shows the small-sized canine walking with a thick coat encrusted with faeces at the back.

The fur around the chest and the legs are tangled up in big patches.

Wu tries to capture her but the scared animal runs and hides under a stack of paper boxes.

"We tried to capture her without using tools but she kept running away from us," Wu recalled. "When we managed to do it with a fish net, she let out a scream of fear."

The dog was taken to a pet shop where she was given general anaesthesia so that the groomers could shave all the fur off.

One staff member told Wu: "I felt like I'm shearing a sheep. The fur is so thick."

And she now looks completely different, with her adorable face able to be seen for the first time in years.

Wu told this site that they estimated the dog had had 3.5kg of fur shaved.

"Surprisingly, there is no flea found on the dog," he added. "She is quite healthy. A security guard working at the residential block said the dog was actually well-fed.

"But no one seemed to have ever given her a bath."

Wu currently keeps the dog at his home and will look for a new home for her when she is ready.

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