Drinking coffee makes gamblers more likely to make bad bets, research claims

Scientists found fans of the brew were more likely to make bad bets.

And they warned punters to ditch caffeine if they want to boost their odds of winning.

Experts believe the stimulant affects the decision-making part of the brain, making people less risk-averse.

They claim many gamblers make the mistake of avoiding booze — instead getting “amped” on coffee or energy drinks to stay sharp.

But those exposed to the most caffeine were five per cent more likely to make a poor wager, tests by Cambridge and Chicago universities found.

The study, in journal Addictive Behaviors, investigated caffeine consumption and impulsivity in 60 problem gamblers.

Researcher Dr Jon Grant, from Chicago University, said: “When you go to the casino, a lot of people feel alcohol consumption blunts their thinking. They worry they are not as sharp.
“They think caffeinated drinks like coffee or cola can help them stay focused and play a bit longer on the slots.

“If you want to gamble, then it is best avoided. The more you consume, the worse your decision making.”

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