Driver survives after being impaled by four bamboo sticks in the CHEST

Driver survives after being impaled by four bamboo poles in the CHEST in a horrific crash

  • Pedicab driver crashed into a bamboo-loading truck in Hubei, south-east China
  • The man was pinned to the seat as four bamboo sticks speared through his body
  • He remains in critical condition though no important organs were damaged

A pedicab driver who was impaled by four bamboo stems in the torso has miraculously survivedin Hubei, south-east China.

The 25-year-old Mr Li was pinned to his seat by the poles after crashing into the rear of a truck on Wednesday night.

Doctors have managed to remove the bamboo from the man, according to Chinese reports. However, he remains in critical condition. 

The driver in China is seen firmly pinned to his seat after the bamboo poles crashed onto him

The 25-year-old man had four bamboo poles spearing through his chest after the pile-up

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Mr Li’s pedicab crashed into the truck loaded with bamboo poles at around 10pm in Yangxin, Huangshi city, according to police.

The bamboo sticks had slide off the truck due to the momentum of the crash, and four of them had had pierced into Mr Li.

Huangshi firefighters examined the situation and decided to shorten the bamboos using handheld cutters.

‘The situation was very tricky. We didn’t want to cause any further harm to the driver,’ assistant chief Yang Quanwei told Beijing News.

Other firefighters tried to keep Mr Li awake while carrying the rescue work.

The driver was sent to Yangxin People’s Hospital underwent surgery at the cardiothoracic department.

Firefighters use handheld cutters to shorten the bamboo poles before dragging Mr Li out

Rescuers carefully lift the injured driver out of the pedicab as a crowd of people watch on

Mr Li has undergone surgery to have poles removed, but he remains in critical condition

Dr Chen Jie and three other surgeons managed to remove all four bamboo stems from Mr Li’s upper body.

Dr Chen told Chutian Metropolitan Daily that Mr Li was ‘very lucky’ because none of the long objects had damaged his heart and arteries.

However, Mr Li remains in critical condition after the operation. 

Further investigations are underway. 

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