Eco-mobs go mad in Europe as they paint plane, storm club and block motorway

Groups of eco-activists have sparked havoc around Europe in a bid to push forward their environmental demands.

Activists from one Spanish organisation, Futuro Vegetal (Vegetable Future), doused in yellow and black paint a private jet parked at the Ibiza Airport.

Posing for pictures they shared on social media in the early hours of July 14, one of them was spotted carrying a yellow flag bearing a logo resembling eco-mob group Extinction Rebellion while another had a sign reading: “Your luxury = Our climate crisis”.

This group calls for the adoption of a plant-based agridood system among other demands.

Futuro Vegetal also staged a protest at a luxury resort in Cala Jondal, also in Ibiza.

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During the chaotic protest, one activist painted the figure +1.5C, in reference to the temperature increase limit established by the Paris agreement in order to stave off the climate crisis, on one of the walls of the resort.

Others carried banners reading, among other slogans, “You consume, others suffer” and “Private jets and mega yachts = Climate Injustice + energy”.

The eco-group’s protests were part of a campaign against the mega-rich, which the activists condemned for their use of private aircraft and boats.

In a statement, the organisation said: “Society suffers unprecedented extreme weather events that are going to get worse, so an immediate reduction in emissions is needed if the worst scenarios are to be avoided, but in Ibiza a lifestyle is being promoted that is destroying the planet and the lives of millions of humans and other animals.”

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Meanwhile, in Germany a different eco-group went viral after sharing distressing footage from one of their protests.

In the video, members of the eco-mob group called Letzte Generation (Last Generation) clashed with the driver of an Air Liquide lorry, a company supplying gases and services to various industries including medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers.

The short video showed the driver stopping centimetres away from the protesters holding signs.

After they sat down on the tarmac, the fed-up lorry driver left the vehicle and could be seen dragging one of the activists to the side of the road while threatening with a fist another one.

In a major escalation, the driver returned on his lorry and, after switching on the engine, he started driving, moving by a few metres one of the activists.

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The behaviour displayed by the driver in this video filmed on July 12 was described as “unacceptable” and “not aligned with Air Liquide’s values in any way” by the company.

The statement to the MailOnline read: “On July 12, Air Liquide was made aware of an altercation in Stralsund, Germany, between a third-party contract driver of Air Liquide Medical Gases and local protesters.

“Images display unacceptable behaviour from the driver that is not aligned with Air Liquide’s values in any way.

“The third-party contractor has been notified that Air Liquide will no longer accept the services of this individual.”

Letzte Generation, which is active also in Austria and Italy has become notorious for the number of road blockades it staged in 2022, is calling for the rich to bear the cost of solving the climate crisis and demands payments to nations in the global south as compensation for the damages global warming is already creating.

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