Eight dead after suicide bombers attack multiple locations in Kabul

Eight people are dead after multiple suicide bombers targeted at least two locations in Kabul in a coordinated terror attack, according to reports.

Heavy gunfire was heard amid an ongoing fight between police and surviving attackers after at least eight loud blasts were heard, journalists in the Afghan capital said.

One explosion occurred near a police headquarters in Kabul’s Dashte Barchi area and another reportedly killed guards at a visa office affiliated with the Indian embassy.

Suicide bombers blew themselves up next to a security wall at one site, allowing another wave of attackers to enter the perimeter and detonate their explosives, it was reported.

It is believed to be a "complex terrorist attack", Fahin Abed, a New York Times reporter in Kabul, tweeted.

Afghan officials said two suicide bombers were shot dead when they tried to enter a police station, and their explosives detonated as they were gunned down.

One suicide bomber was pictured dead on a footpath next to a security wall moments after his device exploded.

Police ordered people to stay inside buildings, including shops, and sealed off the blast sites as witnesses ran for their lives amid the chaos.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The first blast occurred near a police headquarters in the Dashte Barchi district at about 11.30am local time. Explosions were then heard in the Shahr-e Naw district about 30 minutes later.

Fighting was heard inside the police headquarters.

Dozens of people have been killed in suicide blasts in Kabul in recent weeks, including about 60 people at a voter registration centre and nine journalists on April 30.

In that incident, the journalists were killed in a follow-up attack as they covered the initial blast which had occurred minutes earlier.

Following Wednesday’s attack, the Afghan Journalist Safety Committee urged members of the media to avoid gathering at the blast sites.

It wrote on Twitter: "Kabul under severe terrorist attack. Journalist should be very careful as they might be target too. Avoid gathering in one place."

At least 17 were killed at a mosque that was hosting a voter centre in the eastern province of Khost last week.

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