Elderly people with dementia are turning to cheerleading for exercise in a new pom pom craze

Women in care homes, nursing homes, dementia groups and assisted living centres are all getting on board with the tassel trend.

The classes, run by Tina Blackwill, encourage those who are less physically mobile to punch the air, lift their knees, move their arms and legs and include some shimmies.

Tina, who rocks up to the homes with glitter on her face and tassels on her clothing, gives all of those in her classes sparkly pom poms to perform with.

She said: “We use older tunes with a modern twist and I just love seeing the smiles on their little faces when I walk in.

“It is a great for memory, coordination, suppleness, general wellbeing and most importantly fun!

“It is proven that exercise helps dementia and improves quality of life for those older people who are living in care homes. Everyone is encouraged to just do what they can, but everyone really loves it and its one of the highlights of my days.

“They love the classes and the people at the nursing homes and clubs say it brightens up their days and it really helps them to feel better in themselves.

“Some of them even say that they feel years younger after the classes, and it’s the most alive they’ve seen them in years.”

Tina travels across many care homes in Bristol a week to engage women of all abilities in her pom pom exercise class.


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