Elon Muck Places New Limits on Users Who Refuse to pay him

RIPTwitter begins to trend after Elon Musk announced that unverified users who do NOT pay can only look at 600 tweets a day

  • Musk tweeted Saturday morning to the hundreds of thousands of Twitter users on the new  ‘temporary’ limits he have set forth on his platform
  • The rules he set forth on the platform has infuriated many users further and led to viral hashtags
  • One user wrote with a twitter gravestone: ‘It was great while it lasted. But Musk has really screwed the 40 billion pooch’

Twitter users are outraged and using the hashtag ‘RIPTwitter’ after owner Elon Musk announced plans to limit how many posts users can see.  

Musk tweeted Saturday morning informing the number of tweets a user is permitted to view in a day on his platform. His motive, he explained was ‘ to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.’

Users who chalk up the $8 a month to become a verified user can view up to 6,000 daily tweets. Unverified users can see up to 600 tweets a day, and new unverified accounts can see up to 300 tweets a day. 

After Musk enforced the new limits, more than 7,000 users in the United States reported glitches and outages on the social media platform and created the hashtag. 

Multiple users have posted memes or threatened to leave the platform over the limits, saying they were done with Twitter.  

Billionaire Twitter boss Elon Musk has created ‘temporary’ limits on users who refuse to pay him

A screenshot shows what a user experiences on the social media platform with the new rules. Many users were outraged at the move and created a ‘RIPTwitter’ hashtag in response

A screenshot of some of the fury many users are feeling as they threaten to leave the platform over the limits

One user wrote, with a picture of a Twitter gravestone, that: ‘It was great while it lasted. But Musk has really screwed the 40 billion pooch.’ 

While another user threatened to leave the site altogether stating, ‘at this point, I’ll just live with no social media, might be a blessing in disguise.’

One meme posted on the site showed a gravestone and listed Twitter’s death date as 2023 and the cause being ‘Elon Musk.’ 

One user tweeted ‘Why did y’all let him cook!!!’ 

Some users even made reference to Musk’s other business, Tesla cars

The hashtag ‘RIPTwitter’ was all over the social-media site after outrage by users and some of the new rules

Posters on Twiter have complained about the new rules and some said it has prevented them from seeing their own Tweets

Memes have filled Twitter with people who are upset about the changes to limit their views

Some users begged Musk to undo the limits

Musk himself has poked fun at the reaction. His initial Tweet about the limit has been viewed more than 458million times. In response, Musk noted that ‘in yet another exercise in irony this post achieved a record view count!’

The twitter owner added, ‘Oh the irony of hitting limits due to complaining about view limits.’

Musk announced the limits to discourage excessive ‘data scraping’ and system manipulation.  

Though the Twitter chief did not define ‘data scrapping,’ he used a similar phrase when users complained Friday when they were asked to log in to view posts on Twitter.

‘We were getting data pillaged so much that it was degrading service for normal users,’ Musk tweeted.

He also made note that ‘several hundred organizations (maybe more) were scraping Twitter data extremely aggressively,’ Mediate reported. 

Musk, who referred to the sweeping change as an ’emergency measure,’ later said that view numbers would increase to 800 tweets per day for those who are unverified.  

Unverified users will only have access to 400 tweets while verified users will be able to view up to 8,000 per day.

Some questioned the limits and referenced Musk’s free speech statements and his desire to make Twitter more open to all viewpoints

Musk posted about the limits and his Tweet on the topic has had more than 458million views

The Twitter owner has also joked about some of the reactions to his announced limits. 

The limits were put in place Saturday morning, about five hours after the platform went down. The reason for Saturday’s crash was not clear, but some speculated it came to a record-high number of visitors to the site.

During the crash, users complained that the site was failing to load tweets, with many only able to see posts from Friday evening.

The issue told users their ‘rate limit’ was exceeded or the site ‘cannot retrieve tweets’, leading many to slam Musk’s handling of the platform as it is the latest of several mass glitches to occur under his reign.

According to online usage tracker Down Detector, Twitter saw a huge spike in outages at around 8am Eastern Time Saturday.

Users flooded the tracker site with complaints about the frustrating glitch, with many blaming Musk for the issue.

It is the third time the company has battled outages this year, after links stopped working and images didn’t load for millions of users in March, while others were even left unable to log in for days.

Previously, in February it was reported that many Twitter users were unable to tweet, follow accounts or access their direct messages.

Musk doubled down on his unpopular push to drive authentication among users as he addressed the issue Friday, tweeting: ‘Any social media companies that allow unauthenticated access will become bot-strewn hellscapes as soon as they become relevant.’

It comes after the platform has faced turbulent times in the aftermath of Musk’s blockbuster $44 billion takeover last year.

His bombastic style left some shareholders reportedly concerned about his long-term future running the platform, leading Musk to step down as CEO and appoint media executive Linda Yaccarino to the job in May.

Musk has come under scrutiny for some decisions he made before he hired Yaccarino, including the removal of blue-check authentication for those not paying $8 a month for Twitter Blue.

In the months after he acquired the platform, Musk also sacked a large number of his workforce as he looked to cull staff and make the site work more efficiently.

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