England rugby star shares video of thieves breaking into his car

England rugby star Ellis Genge shares video of masked thieves breaking into his Range Rover on busy Mayfair road and riding off with his bag

  • Video shared to rugby star’s social media pages captures moment bag is stolen
  • Two cyclists filmed at rear of his Range Rover before smashing the rear window
  • One then shoves his arm through the broken glass and removes the rucksack
  • Pair then casually cycle away from the scene in Berkeley Square, central London 

England rugby star Ellis Genge has shared a shocking video of his car being broken into in broad daylight in London.

Two brazen crooks on bikes survey the scene before one uses a tool to smash the rear window of his parked Range Rover.

The suspect – wearing all black and a black helmet – then grabs a rucksack from the rear parcel shelf and cycles off.

Ellis, 26, shared the video to his Instagram account on Wednesday evening and said: ‘Broad daylight my car just been done. Middle of Berkeley Square London.’

And adding a police and telephone emoji, he added: ‘Probably no chance but if you do see them about, do me a favour.’

Genge admitted there was ‘probably no chance’ of tracing the suspects but shared the video

This is the moment a pair of brazen thieves break into a Range Rover belonging to England rugby star Ellis Genge who shared the footage on his social media pages to appeal for help

Prop Ellis plays for Premiership Rugby for the Leicester Tigers and began playing aged just 12.

The men – one black and one white – who broke into his car were both on pushbikes.

They spent minutes surveying the scene to make sure no-one was nearby before one used a mysterious tool to break through the rear window.

The glass shatters before he pulls out a blue bag that had been left on view.

The pair are then filmed casually meandering across the road and pedalling off with the rucksack over the handlebars.

Those who saw the video, which was also posted to Twitter, said drivers should never leave anything on view in their vehicles, even if they were only leaving their car for a minute.

The two men were filmed targeting the car which was in Berkeley Square, London, in broad daylight and one of them watched from the other side of the road while the other took the bag

The man is filmed sticking his arm into the car before removing a blue bag and cycling away

Genge said his car was parked in central London when it was smashed into. Pictured: a suspect

One said: ‘It does not matter who you are. Leave something in a vehicle on show and they will target you.

‘Just as they all target expensive cars to steal because most owners don’t bother to use a krooklok outside their own homes.’

Another added: ‘Can’t believe in this day and age, that people still leave bags on show in cars. You’re just asking for your car to be broken into.’

One simply Tweeted: ‘Vermin.’

Others joked about the crooks.

One said: ‘Doing their bit for global warming, choosing not to pollute while working, I can really see this green initiative working out well especially with plant pots on every road stopping those pesky cars!’

Another replied: ‘Kids of today think about nothing but the climate!’

The Met Police have been contacted for comment. 

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