EU boss Jean Claude Juncker says there WON'T be another Brexit extension past October 31

EU boss Jean Claude Juncker says the EU won't give Britain another Brexit extension past October 31.

The President of the European Commission warned that there could be a hard Brexit if a deal is not signed off before then.

The news will boost MPs who are calling for Britain to leave with No Deal as warring politicians still fail to come to an agreement on how to deal with the Brexit impasse.

Mr Juncker told MEPs in the European Parliament this morning: "31 October makes the new deadline for the orderly withdrawal from the UK.

"If the withdrawal agreement is not ratified by the British Parliament by then then then there would be a hard Brexit, which we would like to avoid."

He said the UK can always request to cancel Brexit altogether and revoke Article 50, but he doesn't see it happening.

"It is not my working hypothesis that beyond the 31 October, we will see an extension," he added.

The Brussels boss also insisted that the EU was ready for a No Deal, but added: "Our Union has nothing to gain from great disruption in the UK."

The German Foreign Minister echoed his comments in an interview with the Financial Times today.

Heiko Mass said: "They will have to decide what they want by October. You cannot drag out Brexit for a decade.

"Another extension could send the signal that they plan to stay in the EU after all."

You cannot drag out Brexit for a decade

Fellow EU boss Donald Tusk said this morning "everyone is exhausted with Brexit" but that was "not an excuse to say 'let's get on with it', just because we're tired."

However, he was still "dreaming" that Britain would reverse Brexit, adding: "We cannot give in to fatalism."

"There is extra time to rethink Brexit if that were the wish of the British people," he said.

Britain has to take part in the EU elections if it's still in the bloc after May 23 – even though Theresa May doesn't want to do this.

Tories are worried the party could be wiped out and lose up to HALF of their MEPs.

The PM is working on a cross-party deal with Labour but talks are slow and don't seem to be coming to any conclusions.

Nigel Farage said today his new Brexit Party would sweep the floor at the upcoming EU elections if we take part in them.

The ex-Ukip boss said the "betrayal" of the British people produce a "burning anger" in Britain which would cause a political revolution.

Guy Verhofstadt hit out at EU27 leaders for agreeing yet another extension which was "too near for a rethink of Brexit but too far away to prompt any action".

He feared it would "import the Brexit mess into Europe… and poison the European elections".

Meanwhile, dozens of Labour allies from across the EU have piled pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to promise to stop Brexit in their manifestos for the upcoming elections.

25 MEPs from across the EU have penned a letter to the Labour boss asking him to stand by the vow for a second referendum, PoliticsHome revealed today.

They said: "The British Labour party must participate in the European elections and help change the balance of power in Europe. Labour would do well in European elections and could command a large coalition of internationalists who want to see vast social change."

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