Evil Karen Matthews 'targeting homeless people with food scam by selling them items donated by Pret A Manger'

Evil Karen – caged in 2008 for faking her daughter Sharon's kidnapping – reportedly picks up unused grub from a Pret A Manger store on the understanding that she takes them to a soup kitchen.

The Sunday Mirror claim the brazen mum-of-seven then loads the sandwiches onto a trolley before selling them to local beggars – and stuffing the rest in her fridge.

A source told the paper: “Karen is shameless – she just doesn’t see that it’s wrong."

When approached by a Mirror reporter, she refused to comment when asked if she sold the donated food for a profit.

But she claimed "I don’t get them from there" when asked about whether she got it from Pret – even though she was caught in the act by a reporter.

Karen sparked outrage last week when we told how she has a Best Mum ornament on her bedside table.

She keeps it along with a scrapbook and other knick-knacks at the state-funded home where she now lives under a new identity.

There, she watches cable TV, Facetimes family and friends on her Samsung Galaxy 8 phone and enjoys regular shopping trips.

Sources said she tops up her £120-a-fortnight benefits with money from mystery benefactors.

She has shown no remorse for her crime which saw her jailed for child neglect and perverting the course of justice in 2008.

A source familiar with Matthews’ new routine, said: “She gets everything paid for and her life is sweet now.

“She lives in a garden flat in a nice town, with a bus stop nearby. She gets her bus pass paid for and doesn’t even have to pay her own phone bills. It’s all laid on for her."

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