Ex-Met Police detective reveals step-by-step guide to avoid moped muggings

An ex-Scotland Yard detective has revealed his tips on how to avoid moped thieves – as the capital continues to be gripped by an increase in motor-related crime.

David Videcette, a former Met Police counter-terror cop, took to Twitter to write a series of helpful posts that could help reduce the risk of being targeted by two-wheeled attackers.

Videcette’s advice was in response to a high-profile mugging of comedian Michael McIntyre on Monday.

McIntrye was ambushed by thugs in broad daylight as he was picking his son up from a school in North London. Attackers, armed with hammers, snatched a £15,000 pound watch after smashing the driver window of his car.

Videcette, who left the Metropolitan Police and is now a published thriller writer, says "there are simply not enough police to fight this epidemic."

He warned Londoners to avoid taking the same route to work every day and said switching up habits may throw potential muggers off.

He said: “There are a few interesting points that are worth mentioning about [the attack].”

"First off, timing & location of attack. I’m totally not interested in moaning about double yellow line parking here, so forget that.

"He’s stopped to pick up his son, and this would appear to be a regular occurrence – it leaves open the idea that he was specifically targeted."

Videctte lauded McIntyre’s calmness but says he was wrong to get out of his vehicle to confront his attackers.

"They’ve attacked the drivers side window with a hammer. As you can see they’ve had to hit it a number of times before it’s actually broken.

"Car windows are surprisingly strong. Don’t sit there & let them break it, drive off or move, don’t be a passive target.

"In any case, at this point, I wouldn’t advise putting up a fight. Being passive is likely best. It’s only a watch."

Passersby must also take a more proactive role in combating the problem and should attempt to take photos and videos to provide police with vital evidence.

He wrote: "Passers by & people not being aware of what’s going on: One guy does go to help, but then stands and watches.

"Note the people on the pavement behind Michael, oblivious of what’s going on around them. Wake up! You outnumber these yobs and together could have done something."

"Even if you take photos & video of what’s going on, do something. Video and photos help police if you make them aware of it.

"Identification – we want to see makes of clothing. The attackers eyes. Distinctive marks or features on the moped, scratches, so we can link to the scene."

"Routine, especially at places like schools where you likely park in the same place at the same time… Michael had an expensive watch, much has been said about it, but we are all targets. Our phones are worth several hundred pounds each. They want them."

In 2017, there were more than 23,000 crimes committed in London using motorcycles including smash-and-grab robberies, high-value street raids and mobile phone theft.

The Met police are pouring resources into trying to crack down on moped crime, with thefts declining by 24% in the period from June to September 2017.

New measures include remote-controlled spikes to puncture tyres and DNA tagging sprays

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