Ex-Met police poster girl who sued watchdog for 'racism' loses all 33 claims after tribunal hears she complained of prejudice when unhappy at work

Ex-cop Carol Howard, 39, took legal action against the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) accusing the watchdog of discrimination and harassment.

But the hearing heard how Howard would complain of prejudice “‘if she does not like what is happening or is prevented from doing the work she chooses”, reports the Daily Mail.

Judge Joanna Wade dismissed all 33 allegations made by the single mother after learning that the lost her six-month role with the IPCC after underperforming and falsifying timesheets.

Ex-firearms officer Howard, of Coulsdon, Surrey, posed with a semi-automatic rifle to promote efforts to protect London in the 2012 Olympics.

She won a £37,000 payout from the Met in 2015 after saying she was bullied as one of two black officers in the 700-strong Diplomatic Protection Group.

Howard told Central London Employment Tribunal that she was kept out of investigations and treated as an “embarrassment”.

She also alleged some IPCC staff secretly supported “racist” officers whom they were investigating.

But Judge Wade suggested that her payout from the Met Police influenced her decision to make a claim against the watchdog.

The judge said: ‘We are left with the uncomfortable conclusion that the claimant has an unshakeable but incorrect belief that if she does not like what is happening or is prevented from doing the work she chooses, this is discrimination [or] victimisation.”

Wade also said Howard’s judgement throughout "was very poor.”

In a written ruling, she added: “Her lack of perspective is astonishing. It gives rise to concern that winning a tribunal claim may have a detrimental effect on future judgement.”

The hearing heard how Howard was criticised for working on confidential cases while on the train and in Starbucks.

The Surrey resident is now being probed by the Information Commissioner after allegedly downloading sensitive information from the IPCC after she had left the organisation.


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