Ex-Southampton footballer cleared of chasing, threatening woman during row

The former Southampton defender, 57, was said to have clenched his fists at her before allegedly making the threat if she went to police after a row in November.

He had drunk six pints after watching a Saints match on TV.

Dennis, of Awbridge, Hants, denied both charges and was cleared by Southampton JPs of assault and making threats after a two-day trial.

Giving evidence he said: “I can assure you I would never chase her, and did never chase her.

"I was never aggressive like that, they are false allegations."

District Judge Greenfield said: "Without the witness seeing the chase, what we have is two competing accounts describing an argument, so I can't be sure he assaulted her.

"The specific charge relates to a threat, however the only person to hear that was the complainant, so I can't be sure he made it."

As he was cleared, Dennis said to the judge: "I just want to say thank you, I love it when justice prevails."

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