Exact date UK summer turns into six-day washout as Brits scramble to axe BBQs

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    Summer could turn into a washout with buckets of rain forecast across the country.

    The whole of the UK is set to get a little bit soggy in the coming weeks with rain forecast for the north, midlands, south, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Data gathered from WXCharts predicts growing cumulative precipitation nationwide.

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    Some parts of Scotland could see as much as 49mm of accumulated precipitation while over 30mm is expected in parts of the south of England by July 27.

    This rain isn’t expected in singular dumps rather accumulated precipitation indicates total rain falling over a period of time.

    Showers are expected frequently across parts of the south with at least some showers forecast in London each day between July 21 and July 27.

    These charts have been backed up by the Met Office’s forecast for July 23 to August 1.

    In its general national forecast, it predicted: “The first couple of days are likely to see outbreaks of rain or showers, some heavy and thundery, along with windy conditions for the time of year.

    “As the low clear to the northeast and with high pressure expected to lay to the southwest of the UK, it is likely that the UK will often sit in a north or northwesterly airstream for the remainder of July.

    • Met Office predicts when sunshine and warm weather will return after downpours

    “Further showers or perhaps longer spells of rain are likely at times, often accompanied by a brisk breeze, and with temperatures generally close to or a little below average.”

    This forecast has been backed up by predictions from Net Weather, which said: “The risk of hefty downpours even thunderstorms will continue in the coming weeks, keeping everyone on their toes.”

    Wales looks likely to fare slightly better than some parts of the country by the time July 28 rolls around, having accumulated just 22mm, a stark contrast to the south of England which is expecting to have had more like 44mm.

    In the east midlands precipitation is expected to measure closer to 39mm cumulatively while the north is looking at 35mm.

    The West Midlands will be looking more at 37mm while Cornwall and the southeast could be staring down the barrel of as much as 40mm.

    Kent and the southeast could have as much as 36mm while the rain around Edinburgh and Glasgow will outdo precipitation in the rest of the country with as much as 60mm coming, in while Northern Ireland will get closer to 47mm.

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